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BARGAINING UNIT QUALIFICATION STANDARD (4749-0002) FACILITY MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN DOCUMENT DATE: July 14, 2013 FUNCTION: Performs involved troubleshooting and complex maintenance work throughout the systems of the building and building equipment. Performs preventive maintenance and preventive maintenance inspections of buildings, building equipment, and building systems. Maintains and operates a large automated air conditioning system and large heating system, and/or other complex building systems. This position provides service for the US Postal Service Headquarters facility. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: See the Standard Position Description for the Occupation Code given above. REQUIREMENTS: This section is composed of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) which are required to satisfactorily perform the tasks of the position. Applicants must demonstrate that they possess a sufficient level of each KSA, to include at least minimum competency for senior-qualified positions to enable them to perform these tasks satisfactorily. Applicants demonstrate these levels by describing examples of experience, education, or training, any of which may be non-postal. Ratings are based on the demonstration of the level of possession of each of the KSAs. Failure to demonstrate any KSA is disqualifying. 1. Knowledge of advanced HVAC equipment operation. 2. Knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC). 3. Knowledge of electronic direct digital controls and Energy Management Systems. 4. Ability to troubleshoot advanced building systems and correct system problems. 5. Ability to communicate orally and in writing. 6. Ability to direct lower level employees in maintenance and repair procedures on building systems. 7. Ability to work under pressure. 8. Ability to work with others. 9. Ability to work without immediate supervision. 10. Ability to work from heights. EXAMINATION REQUIREMENT: Applicants must successfully complete Postal Service Test 955, for the Building/All Other job group, which measures maintenance knowledge, skills and abilities. In addition, applicants must successfully complete an interview. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must be able to perform the physical requirements of the position with or without reasonable accommodation which may require arduous exertion involving the following: standing, walking, climbing, bending, reaching, and stooping for prolonged periods of time; and intermittent lifting and carrying of heavy objects. รข??

  Occ Code: 4749-0006