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September 8, 2009

Ascertains the number of hours worked and absent by each of a group of employees, distributes these hours among the significant categories of time and leave to which they are chargeable, and totals these data for reporting purposes; responsible for providing information to employees on rules, regulations, and policies concerning leave and pay matters; maintains assignment cards; makes studies relating to time and attendance.

See the Standard Position Descriptions for the Occupation Codes given above.

This section is composed of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) which are required to satisfactorily perform the tasks of the position. Applicants must demonstrate that they possess a sufficient level of each KSA, to include at least minimum competency for senior-qualified positions to enable them to perform these tasks satisfactorily. Applicants demonstrate these levels by describing examples of experience, education, or training, any of which may be non-postal. Ratings are based on the demonstration of the level of possession of each of the KSAs. Failure to demonstrate any KSA is disqualifying. 1. Ability to maintain records and prepare reports. 2. Ability to interpret instructions. 3. Ability to perform basic arithmetic computations. 4. Ability to use office machines such as calculator, adding machine, duplicating machine, or any other office equipment as appropriate to the position.

Applicants must have 2 years of progressively responsible general experience in (1) accounting, payroll, claims examining, accounting machine operating, or other fiscal or accounting work with documents and records pertaining to a single phase or number of phases of financial activities; (2) maintaining or examining records for the issuance, collection, safekeeping, or disbursing of money and securities, including such records as cost, time, payroll expenses, revenues, expenditures, appropriations, revolving funds, working capital, trust funds, or other fiscal records; or (3) other related work which would provide skill and knowledge of specialized accounting methods,

techniques, practices, and procedures. Note:
The required amount of experience will not in itself be accepted as proof of qualification. The applicant's record of experience and training must show the ability to perform the duties of the position. Education or training may be substituted for partial or all of the 2

years of general experience as follows:
Successful completion of a full 4-year high school course which included credits in commercial or business subjects such as general business education, business arithmetic, and office practices, may be substituted for one year of general experience. Study completed in a college, university, or junior college above high school level may be substituted on the basis of one-half academic year of study for six months of experience. Full-time study completed in a business or secretarial school or other comparable institution above the high school level may be substituted on the basis of one-half academic year of study for six months of experience, provided such subjects as business English, office machines, filing and indexing, office practices, business mathematics, bookkeeping or accounting were studies. No credit will be allowed for training which has been obtained only or primarily in the basic skills of shorthand or typing or refresher courses. Proportionate credit may be granted for home-study courses above the high school level (e.g., correspondence or web-based courses). Persons who plan to take such courses should submit a request to the Area Manager of Human Resources for evaluation of the courses as to acceptability and comparability in academic value with resident college or technical accounting school courses.

Applicant must be physically able to efficiently perform the duties of the position. Vision of 20/40 (Snellen) in one eye and ability to read without strain printed material the size of typewritten characters are required. Corrective lenses are permitted. Ability to distinguish basic colors and shades is desirable. Ability to hear the conversational voice is required; hearing aids are permitted.

  Occ Code: 0590-01XX