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June 29, 1988

Oversees hardware and software changes for PDC host computers and mini- computers in the field; diagnoses and resolves user-related problems in the field.

See the Standard Position Description for the Occupation Code given above.

This section is composed of Knowledge, Skills, and abilities (KSAs) which are required to satisfactorily perform the tasks of the position. Applicants must demonstrate that they posses a sufficient level of each KSA, to include at least minimum competency for senior-qualified positions to enable them to perform these tasks satisfactorily. Applicants demonstrate these levels by describing examples of experience, education, or training, any of which may be non-postal. Ratings are based on the demonstration of the level of possession of each of the KSAs. Failure to demonstrate any KSA is disqualifying. Knowledge of data processing principles, methods, techniques, and terminology sufficient to apply this knowledge to advanced practical applications related to hardware, software, application, interactive transaction, batch processing, and user education problems. This includes knowledge of Time Sharing Option (TSO), Structure Programming Facility (SPF), Job Control Language (JCL), Command List (CLIST), Info System, ADP operating standards, and teleprocessing. Ability to analyze and evaluate information sufficient to obtain information from varied sources such as reference materials, and to apply this information to (a) implementation plans for major operating changes, and (b) practical applications such as identifying and personally resolving complex user and network problems and developing written procedures, operating guidelines, and training materials. Ability to work with others sufficient to adapt to varying personalities and situations, to maintain working relationships, and to work in cooperation with other employees, headquarters and field users, vendors, and higher level managers. Ability to work independently sufficient to perform the duties of the position, complying with operating guidelines/procedures of planning and executing work activities such as resolving complex user and network problems, and coordinating hardware and software changes. Ability to use written reference materials sufficient to read, comprehend, and interpret text materials such as user handbooks, application program manuals, and IBM reference manuals, and to apply this information to practical applications such as providing technical guidance and assistance to field users and customer support technicians and specialists. Ability to communicate sufficient to receive and understand complex technical information and instructions, such as those related to systems applications, and to simplify and transmit such information into correspondence, reports, and oral and written instructions directed to users and management. Ability to work under pressure sufficient to perform the duties of the position, pursuing and disposing of complex user and network problems and coordinating hardware and software changes in a limited time and in stressful situations. Ability to keep accurate records sufficient to maintain and update records such as internal procedure documentation, hardware and software documentation, and reports generated and received, and to apply them to practical applications such as developing implementation plans for major operating changes affecting field users. Ability to use a computer terminal sufficient to input or log complex user and network problem information into an automated information system, generating problem and change reports, routing more complex problems to other organizations and/or higher levels for resolution, and implementing minor software changes. Ability to instruct sufficient to provide customer support technicians and specialists and other Information Management Systems users, on a group or individual basis, instructions on such areas as new procedures and operating or equipment changes.

Applicants must be physically able to perform the duties of the position. Vision of 20/40 (Snellen) in one eye and ability to read without strain printed materials the size of typewritten character are required; corrective lenses are permitted. Ability to distinguish basic colors and shades is desirable. Ability to hear the conversational voice is required; hearing aids are permitted.

To be minimally acceptable, applicants must have demonstrated competency in each element by providing examples of direct or related experience, education, or training, any of which may be nonpostal related. Examples must show evidence of a background reflecting the capability to perform effectively in the position. The required KSAs will not in themselves be accepted as final proof of qualification. The applicant's total record of experience, education, and training must show the ability to perform the duties of the position.

  Occ Code: 0335-3009