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DOCUMENT DATE: April 21, 2008
Separates mail in a post office, terminal, airmail facility, or other postal facility, in accordance with established schemes, including incoming and/or outgoing mail.
See the Standard Position Description for the Occupation Code given above.
Clerks sort and distribute mail to post offices and to carrier routes in accordance with established schemes. They may also perform a variety of services at public windows of post offices, post office branches, or stations. They perform related duties as assigned. The work involves continuous standing, stretching, and reaching. Clerks may be required to handle heavy sacks of letter mail or parcel post weighing up to 70 pounds.
No experience is required. All competitors must take Postal Service Test 470, Configuration 1. The test subjects will be of the following types: (1) memory for addresses and (2) address checking. Competitors will be rated on the written examination on a scale of 100 and must attain a rating of at least 70.
1. Applicants must be physically able to perform efficiently the duties of the position, which require arduous exertion involving prolonged standing, walking, and reaching, and may involve the handling of heavy sacks of mail. In most instances the absence of arm, hand, leg, or foot will not disqualify an applicant for appointment, although it may be necessary that this condition be compensated by use of a satisfactory prosthesis. Distant vision must test 20/40 (Snellen) in one eye, corrective lenses permitted. The ability to read without strain printed material the size of typewritten characters is required. Corrective lenses are permitted. For clerk positions required to perform a variety of services at public windows, the ability to hear the ordinary conversational voice is required, with or without a hearing aid. Color vision is not required for these positions. Applicants must possess emotional and mental stability.
2. Applicants will be disqualified for appointment if they have an irremediable defect or incurable disease which prevents efficient performance of duty or which renders them a hazard to themselves, fellow employees, or others. Remediable defects or curable diseases will not exclude a person from examination, but proof that such conditions have been remedied or cured must be received during the life of the eligible register before persons otherwise qualified may be considered for appointment.
3. For a position requiring the driving of vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds (GVW), applicants must have vision of 20/40 (Snellen) in one eye and be able to read without strain printed material the size of typewritten characters. Corrective lenses are permitted. The ability to hear is not a requirement for drivers of vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds (GVW).
1. The duties of newly appointed part-time clerks are at times interchangeable.
2. Clerks act as representatives of the Postal Service. They must maintain pleasant and effective public relations with customers and others, requiring a general familiarity with postal laws, regulations, and procedures commonly used and with the geography of the area.
3. These employees at any time may be assigned to work in places exposed to public view. Their appearance influences the general public's confidence in and attitude toward the entire Postal Service. Employees appointed under this standard are therefore expected to maintain neat and proper personal attire and grooming appropriate to conducting public business, including the wearing of a uniform when required.
4. For a position requiring driving, applicants must have a valid state driver's license, and demonstrate and maintain a safe driving record. Applicants must pass the Postal Service road test to show the ability to safely drive a vehicle of the type used on the job.

Doc Date: 01/01/2014   Occ Code: 2315-0052