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Provides customer service as a principal non-supervisory source of information for internal and external customers in regard to all matters of classification, mailability, rates, methods of mailing, fees, payment systems, special services and other related phases of postal mailing standards.
NOTE: Serves as the only or principal non-supervisory source of information for customers and other postal personnel. Works without supervision at least 50% of the time.
See the Standard Position Descriptions for the Occupation Code given above.
This section is composed of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) which are required to satisfactorily perform the tasks of the position. Applicants must demonstrate that they possess a sufficient level of each KSA, to include at least minimum competency for senior-qualified positions to enable them to perform these tasks satisfactorily. Applicants demonstrate these levels by describing examples of experience, education, or training, any of which may be non-postal. Ratings are based on the demonstration of the level of possession of each of the KSAs. Failure to demonstrate any KSA is disqualifying.
1. Ability to provide proactive customer service, as it relates to providing advice and/or information specific to the customer's individual mailing needs. Includes asking appropriate questions, listening to the customer and providing information or services, anticipating needs and volunteering information about changes in policies or procedures that may affect a customer's mailing.
2. Ability to communicate orally and in writing sufficient to express ideas or facts clearly and logically when answering questions, giving instructions or explaining complex postal regulations and procedures.
3. Ability to work and deal with people as it relates to interacting tactfully and respectfully with customers and coworkers. Includes dealing effectively and calmly with complaints, problems and difficult customers by exercising courtesy, etiquette and self- control at all times.
4. Ability to follow instructions, either oral or written, such as directions, instructions, equipment operating information, and directions included in forms or manuals, and applying relevant information as needed.
5. Ability to perform basic mathematical computations refers to performing basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with whole numbers, fractions and decimals.
6. Ability to identify and analyze problems, including gathering necessary information and resources, evaluating and summarizing the information, and arriving at an appropriate recommendation or course of action.
7. Ability to work without immediate supervision.
8. Ability to safely perform the duties common to the position.
Applicants must successfully complete the Virtual Entry Assessment CS (477).
Applicants must demonstrate basic computer skills. This must be demonstrated by successful completion of Postal Service Test 718.
Applicants who qualify and are selected under this standard will be required to complete prescribed training satisfactorily. This includes successful completion of the introductory business mail entry course and Exam 425, and successful completion of the business mail academy and Exam 427.
Applicant must be able to perform the physical requirements of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.
Applicants must have a valid state drivers license, and demonstrate and maintain a safe driving record. Mailing Requirements Clerks may be required to work off-site.
When filled internally, this position usually involves a deferment period during which the senior bidder is provided appropriate combinations of training, testing, and practical demonstration of ability to perform in the actual position.
Mailing Requirements Clerks must work their assigned tour and days of work. Mailing Requirements Clerks must follow Postal Service policies and procedures for personal conduct at work, including adhering to rules and regulations.
Mailing Requirements Clerk at any time may be assigned to provide service to the public. They must maintain a neat and professional appearance and demeanor in such interactions.

Doc Date: 03/16/2019   Occ Code: 2345-32XX