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Provides input data to the postal data center (International Accounts Branch) for the settlement of accounts with other postal administrations through the application of the provisions of the Universal Postal Union Convention, bilateral agreements, and procedures set forth in Transportation Handbook (T-1) in the administration of the international airmail service.

1.   Performs any one or a combination of the duties listed below.
2.   Examines and verifies air parcel post bills and prepares related Forms 2964 (on both inbound and outbound dispatches) which constitute the basis for payments due the United States from other countries or payable by the United States to other countries. Corrects, modifies, or notates parcel post bills as reported by Bulletins of Verification.
3.   Examines and verifies total number of sacks and weights of Postal Union Airmail, air parcel post and military mail as listed on Forms AV-7 and 2900 (manifest showing gross weight of mail transported to and from other countries by airlines). May maintain various records and compile related supporting documents incident to the examination of such forms. Takes action to correct errors on Forms AV-7 and 2900 to conform with letter bills. Develops information from inbound and outbound Forms AV-7 and 2900 for statistical and recording purposes.
4.   Analyzes data from Forms AV-7 and 2900 and operates a Datapoint Intelligent Terminal to record data. Such data is used by postal data centers to develop internal air charges due to the United States, to settle accounts with other countries, and process payments to airlines for transportation of international and military mails. Records such data on disk according to airlines, dispatching and off-load points, types of mail transported, etc.
5.   Examines Forms AV-2 for discrepancies, improper groupings, etc.
6.   Composes correspondence to the public, airlines and others in matters relating to the exchange of airmail with other countries. Contacts airline personnel in person or by telephone relative to mail handling irregularities.
7.   Initiates Bulletins of Verification to adjust irregularities in the exchange of airmail with other countries. As necessary, makes follow-ups to insure proper adjustments.
8.   Processes inquiries for postal inspectors and postmasters relative to depredation, rifling, or missing international airmail. Records and files all registry records.
9.   Maintains proper files of such inbound and outbound documents as Forms C-12, C-13, AV-7, AV-2, 2900; Parcel Bills; Bulletins of Verification; and other related forms. May compile statistical data for periodic reports. Uses various references including Transportation Handbook T-1; Methods Handbook, M-31; Publication 42, International Mail; Official Airline Guide; domestic schemes and schedules; origin and destination schedules; international schemes; etc.

Supervisor, International Airmail Records Unit.

Senior Qualified



Doc Date: 11/02/1994 Occ Code: 2340-10XX