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Operates a variety of materials handling equipment, including forklifts, warehouse towing tractors, trucks, and track-mounted, overhead power lift, in the movement of materials and supplies at a materiel distribution center.

This position is to be used for non-career Postal Support Employee positions only.

1.   Operates forklifts, trucks, towing tractors, or track-mounted, overhead power lift, in the movement of supplies, mailbag equipment, furniture, or other merchandise from one location to another, such as to and from receiving, storage, assembly, packing and shipping areas, railroad car sidings, trucks, trailers and other warehouses.
2.   Prepares incoming and outgoing stock for warehousing or shipping, including re-skidding, labeling, and marking.
3.   Stacks and/or unstacks palletized, boxed, and crated items, equipment and supplies; ensures proper storage, stacking, selection and layout of merchandise, equipment, and supplies avoiding damage and/or breakage; ensures that aisles are kept open.
4.   Checks merchandise received and shipped for correct quantities, type, and weights are correct; notifies supervisor of errors.
5.   Evaluates changes in storage requirements when material is to be added or deleted from stock; makes necessary adjustments ensuring adequate space is provided.
6.   Selects and transfers to shipping area material called for by requisitions, labels, back orders, transfer notices, or other documents; segregates material by destination; attaches labels and/or tags as required.
7.   Recognizes container characteristics and suitability for sustaining weight such as encountered in palletized storage operations; ensures that established storage and pallet patterns are adhered to.
8.   Practices first-in, first-out principle of materials storage; detects discrepancies which may hinder the correct selection or inventory of stock; eliminates multiple storage locations of identical items.
9.   Operates computer terminal for stock status inquiries or data entry; participates in physical inventory/cycle count as required.
10.   Operates electronic barcoding equipment for receipt, identification, inventory, storage, and distribution of materials.
11.   In addition, may perform the following duties: oversee packer/warehouseman; clean-up of work areas and equipment; make minor adjustments and repairs to equipment when mechanic not available.

Supervisor of unit to which assigned.

See Handbook EL-312, Chapter 2 ? Selection Policies for Non-career Recruitment.

Doc Date: 05/22/2013 Occ Code: 2395-0028