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Performs a variety of warehousing activities at a materiel distribution center related to filling and shipping of requisitions, packing and storing of materials, equipment, and supplies, and physical inventory/cycle counts.

1.   Stores, maintains in good condition and issues material and/or forms in an assigned area.
2.   Revises storage locations as necessary in assigned area to accommodate changes in items of supply; requisitions stock from bulk storage to replenish stock levels; checks stock received from bulk area for proper type, condition, and quantity; notifies supervisor of discrepancies.
3.   Selects types and quantities of items or forms called for by requisitions; indicates on requisitions order filling action taken; packs selected items in cartons on conveyor lines; prepares penalty labels/tags as required.
4.   Practices first-in principle; recognizes proper unit of issue; detects discrepancies which may hinder the correct selection of stock marks cartons with appropriate stock numbers and quantities; re-warehouses and consolidates stock.
5.   Participates in physical inventory/cycle counting as required; documents changes in stock locations.
6.   Selects and prepares proper shipping containers ensuring most efficient use of available space.
7.   Ensures proper packing of fragile or liquid items to avoid damage to other supplies and tapes, seals, bands, and/or stretch/shrink wraps containers and to ensure safe arrival.
8.   Labels bulk and individual packages with printed labels.
9.   Loads or unloads, trucks and trailers of materials.
10.   Stores material and supplies in accordance with existing warehousing procedures ensuring incoming supplies are stored in existing locations to eliminate multiple storage locations.
11.   Warehouses material in a neat and orderly manner; exercises good housekeeping practices.
12.   Operates computer terminal for stock status inquiries and data entry; operates electronic bar-coding equipment for receipt, identification, inventory, storage and distribution of materials.
13.   Follows established safe work methods, procedures and safety precautions while performing all duties.
14.   Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

Supervisor of unit to which assigned.

See Handbook EL-312, Chapter 2 - Selection Policies for Non-career Recruitment.

Material Support Staff

Doc Date: 06/18/2012 Occ Code: 2395-0019