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Performs specialized non-supervisory work in areas of mail classification, mailability, rates, methods of mailing, fees and special services, and other related phases of postal laws and regulations in a Management Sectional Center VI or V not designated as Mail Classification Center; participates in local Revenue Protection Programs.

This position embraces assignments conforming to the basic function but which do not have the characteristics specified for Mail Classification Clerk, PS-7.

1.   Meets with representatives of business firms and organizations who come to the management sectional center for assistance in evaluating their mail problems; answers questions concerning the qualification for different classes of mail and about the various rates, including qualifications for second-, third-, or fourth-class mailing privileges; also informs customer about deposits or fees, and supplies other information, such as that related to use of meters, precancelled stamps, permit imprint, business reply mail, related refunds and possible collection of additional postage; explains presort and packaging requirements, and how to make up and label bulk mail. Provides information and guidance to postmasters in applying the Regional Revenue Protection Program within the management sectional center area.
2.   Meets with mailers and examines all or a large portion of new items or samples proposed for large first-, third-, and/or fourth-class mailings; interprets pertinent regulations; explains special rulings related to an item; informs customers as to classifications, and whether the proposed matter can be mailed and, if so, under what conditions. Answers questions, such as the effect that changes, particularly in format, packaging or enclosures, would have on mailability, class of mail, and the rate of postage.
3.   Specializes in second-class and controlled publications problems and meets with such publishers; advises holders of these privileges or postal employees within the MSC area on such things as the acceptability of proposed specimens for enclosures, supplements and additions, novelty pages, paginations, and also, explains the make-up and labeling of second-class bulk mailings; prepares related correspondence concerning such matters as additional entries, reentries, or newspaper treatment.
4.   Verifies statements of applicants for, or holders of, second-class permits. Examines such source records as cash journals, printing orders, bank statements, deposit slips and subscription applications to determine if, according to applicable regulations, a publication is conforming to the requirements for second-class privileges, and also, if the information being furnished by the publisher enables the post office to compute and collect the correct amount of postage; subsequently, prepares a written report of findings. May assist associate offices with verification of second-class and controlled circulation publications authorized in the MSC area and recommend appropriate action.
5.   Examines specimens from the mail floor of all classes of originating and/or transit mail with emphasis on questionable enclosures or attachments in second-, third-, and fourth-class mail; follows up to find whether the correct rates have been applied to bulk mailings; contacts mailers, usually large firms and business houses, either in person or by telephone, where improper postage or an irregularity is noted; suggest remedial actions; arranges for the correct make-up and labeling of bulk mail, and initiates the collection of deficient postage.
6.   Advises permit holders what matter may or may not be mailed as third-class mail, and what may be mailed under certain conditions as third-class. Gives out other information, such as weight limitations, allowable sizes and shapes for third-class envelopes and cards, and, also explains the effect that specific enclosures can have on rates, and how to prepare and label bulk third-class mail. Makes periodic verifications of optional procedures authorized in the MSC area; evaluates reports and recommends appropriate action.
7.   Examines and advises on fourth-class matter with particular emphasis on admissibility of items whose mailability depends on such variables as the type and strength of the container, sealing, packaging, reinforcement, cushioning, flash point, or the possibility of damaging other mail, or injuring persons. Consults with customers or other postal employees to explain regulatory infractions to reduce claims and to suggest remedial packaging methods. Advises large fourth-class mailers on the qualifications for special rates.
8.   Works with customers and postal employees on all categories of foreign mail. Answers such questions as to what can or cannot be mailed, and in what amounts, to a specific country; enclosures which are permitted, when and under what conditions; how a certain item must be packaged, or prepared, or contained; the documentary and procedural requirements for mailing; applicable rates, and the possibility of combination mailings. In addition, when allowable, examines foreign mail to determine, as an example, that the proper rate has been applied and to see that the contents match the itemized list of contents.
9.   Reviews computations of postage on permit imprint matter presented at post office to insure correct postage rates have been applied; reviews the processing of related forms, and determines that sufficient monies have been placed on deposit to cover cost of mailings; maintains records of permit holders deposits, withdrawals, and miscellaneous information incident to the processing of second- and third-class matter. Examines material presented to be certain mail qualifies for applicable postage rates; weighs mail and verifies postage; verifies mail is properly prepared in accordance with presort requirements. Verifies postage and make-up of metered mail paid at the bulk third-class rate of postage.
10.   May provide advice to customers regarding refunds for unused
11.   In addition, may perform such other duties as assisting in stamped envelopes, unused meter stamps, and special services not rendered. training employees and customers of post offices in MSC area as requested; speaking at postal clinics, visiting postal facilities in respect to correcting some type of mailing irregularity; preparing correspondence to customers or key postal personnel, or for coordinating special mailings.

Supervisor of unit to which assigned.



Doc Date: 05/07/2001 Occ Code: 2345-0032