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Provides customer service as a principal non-supervisory source of information for internal and external customers in regard to all matters of classification, mailability, rates, methods of mailing, fees, payment systems, special services and other related phases of postal mailing standards

1.   Provides customer education including assistance to internal and external customers regarding mailing needs and requirements. Answers questions and advises internal and external customers on mailability and matter for all classes of domestic and international mail. Examines all matter to determine mailability, class, and rate eligibility. Evaluates mail problems, including mail preparation, and provides in-depth information on postal programs and mailing systems.
2.   Accepts, reviews, completes and processes applications for all classes of mail; issues licenses and permits; notifies customer of noncompliance, improper use, cancellations and revocations of licenses, permits, etc. and takes appropriate action.
3.   Opens and distributes incoming correspondence, and prepares written documents or correspondence; performs other related administrative duties, as required.
4.   Utilizes a variety of business equipment for the collection, calculation, recording and reporting of all types of business mail entry data, including mail piece characteristics.
5.   Conducts internal and external customer training on or off site. Provides information, training and guidance to internal and external customers on all matters relating to postage mailing systems and documentation standards on all classes of domestic and international mail.
6.   Performs audits and reviews for all classes of mail, both on and off site, and takes appropriate action.
7.   Accepts, weighs, computes, verifies postage on all classes of mail, processes related forms. Determines deposit and fees are sufficient to cover the cost of mailings. Accepts deposits and writes receipts. Maintains records of permit holders, deposits, withdrawals and miscellaneous information incident to the processing of all mailing matter. Reviews make-up of mailings to determine if in compliance to present requirements. Contacts mailers when computation of postage does not agree with customer's mailing statement. Makes further examinations and verification with mailer in attendance with a view towards recognizing noted discrepancy; has mailer submit corrected postage statement if necessary. May be required to accept and process bulk mail.

Supervisor of unit to which assigned.



Doc Date: 05/07/2001 Occ Code: 2345-0030