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Arranges for transfer of mail at junction points between mail units and observes the separation, loading and unloading of mail by railroad employees to make certain that this is done properly.

1.   Provides for the most expeditious transfer of mail from observations of the operations of trains, highway contract routes, or mail messenger vehicles, Government-owned vehicles and platform vehicles.
2.   Examines outgoing and incoming cars to determine maximum utilization of space and proper adherence to railroad safety requirements; reports findings, when necessary, to the transportation management office.
3.   Decides whether outbound cars in full authorizations should be held beyond the first available dispatches in order to obtain fuller loading and maximum utilization of the space paid for, making certain that this will not unduly delay the arrival of the mail at destination.
4.   Studies the routing and loading of mail dispatched in storage cars in order to recommend changes which would bring about economics in line haul and terminal charges and effect earlier arrival. Provides similar attention to incoming mail to assure that dispatching divisions are using best routing and loading methods; reports facts to the transportation management office.
5.   Maintains close liaison with supervisors of appropriate incoming and outgoing trains and vehicles to assure prompt receipt and expeditious dispatch of mail.
6.   Keeps informed on local holding orders for each outgoing dispatch and requests that departure of unit within these limitations be withheld when scheduled connections are delayed.
7.   Prepares list of railroad cars in which mail is loaded, and maintains record of mail loaded and unloaded in outgoing and incoming trains. Serves notice on railroad company to cancel operation and purchases lesser storage unit in its place when necessary. Prepares official diagram and appropriately labels outgoing cars to indicate destination or next relay point.
8.   Inspects the loading and unloading of storage mail to secure individual piece count of lesser storage units (thirty feet and less); estimates volume when more than thirty feet.
9.   Observes and reports to designated supervisor any failure of the railroad company that does not properly protect the mail.
10.   Qualifies periodically through examination on knowledge of distribution schemes, postal regulations, space rules, and train connections.
11.   In addition, may receive, transfer and deliver registered mail between trains and post office; and distribute mail prescribed for distribution in transfer office.

Supervisor, Distribution Operations, or other designated supervisor.

Senior Qualified



Doc Date: 11/02/1994 Occ Code: 2330-01XX