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Conducts the vehicle maintenance and operations program for postal-owned vehicles at one or more post offices within the geographic area supported by a designated vehicle maintenance facility (VMF).

1.   Conducts periodic inspections of vehicles to check for damage, required repairs, and minor maintenance needs such as oil and fluid levels; performs minor maintenance and repair service not requiring contractor or VMF support. When scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs are performed by the VMF, coordinates with post office and VMF employees to ensure that vehicles are available for VMF pick-up. Performs road calls to provide emergency service and make on-site minor repairs such as replacing batteries, tires and light bulbs.
2.   Recommends reputable firms in the automotive repair business to the Supply Management Category Management Center(CMC); monitors contractor performance and submits periodic reports to the CMC and designated VMF.
3.   For maintenance and repairs performed by contractors, obtains repair estimates and fills out work order forms. If repair cost estimates exceed authorization authority, contacts supporting VMF to obtain decision as to whether repairs should be performed by contractor or the VMF.
4.   Works with contractors to obtain prompt service and define scope of repairs; arranges for vehicles to be available for contractor pick-up/delivery. Inspects and road tests vehicles before and after contractor repair. Prior to accepting repaired vehicle, ensures that work has been completed in a satisfactory manner, that job charges and parts costs are correct, and that approved parts have been used. Enforces all provisions of new vehicle warranty claims and oversees the rework of unsatisfactory contractor repairs.
5.   Examines contractor invoices for accuracy, assembles for certification and forwards to the VMF in a timely manner. If fuel or other frequently used vehicle maintenance supplies are paid from post office accounts or other credit arrangement, may review usage records and invoices to confirm accuracy.
6.   Monitors local vehicle operations; identifies and recommends changes to improve service, minimize costs and maximize vehicle utilization.
7.   Prepares a variety of reports related to vehicle maintenance programs and operations; ensures that reports are submitted to the VMF in accordance with established schedules; and maintains required files and records.
8.   Coordinates with the VMF to obtain parts required for contractor repairs, may maintain a small working inventory of frequently used parts, supplies and tools necessary to ensure timely repairs and meet daily maintenance needs.
9.   Observes established safety practices and procedures in carrying out vehicle maintenance responsibilities.
10.   Performs other job-related duties in support of the vehicle maintenance program and operations.

Vehicle Maintenance Facility manager or other designated supervisor.

Senior Qualified


Doc Date: 09/26/2002 Occ Code: 2330-0031