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Receives inbound, and responds to outbound, customer contacts including but not limited to voice, emails and online chat; provides information, technical advice and program guidance related to complex inquiries on USPS products and services including specialty products to residential and small business customers.

1.   Handles Tier 2 customer contacts, escalated contacts from Tier 1 Agents, and overflow customer contacts including but not limited to voice, emails and online chat; listens actively to determine customer needs and answers questions. Demonstrates courtesy, patience and professionalism while providing information to customers.
2.   Assists external users of USPS online systems and applications by answering questions and solving problems involved in their use such as, but not limited to: printing and technical questions, registrations and password resets, shopping cart and credit card errors, refunds and navigating usps.com.
3.   Provides first contact resolution as appropriate; confirms customer understanding of complex issues requiring advanced research; resolves inquiries in accordance with Customer Care Center service standards and guidelines.
4.   Researches information from various USPS computer applications, internet, and manuals to answer inquiries and initiate call backs to customers pertaining to USPS products and services using a telephone, computer, electronic reference tools, the internet, and manuals. Provides detailed information about Small Business products and services and conducts additional research as needed.
5.   Applies USPS customer service standards on each type of contact to suggest appropriate USPS products and services, to educate customers, and maximize up-sell opportunities.
6.   Investigates inquiries to determine status of items originating in the United States destined for delivery overseas; provides information including but not limited to: tracking items, Customs and international claims processing, stamps, EPS, etc.
7.   Provides product information for Sure Money including exchange rates, fees, discounts, Post Office location information, Bancomer location information, transaction query and issue resolution.
8.   Receives and reviews prescribed claims papers to determine if: all necessary data has been submitted; proof of value has been properly determined; appropriate check has been made of applicable records; and other necessary information has been supplied; takes action to secure any additional information required.
9.   Performs liaison duties to foreign posts on International Mail issues.
10.   Works collaboratively with other Customer Care Agents, Supervisors and Management; determines which inquiries should be escalated or transferred and routes inquiries in a timely manner.
11.   Identifies and reports unusual or repetitive customer inquiries, complaints or areas of misinformation to Lead Agents and Supervisors.
12.   Documents and monitors the status of outstanding problems and ensures they are resolved; creates a record of the type of contact in a computerized tracking system for referral and historical purposes.

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Doc Date: 07/02/2012 Occ Code: 2320-0011