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Performs a variety of sales and customer support services for products including; stamps, stamped paper, postal cards, philatelic products, and special promotional items with or without direct supervision. May work alone or as a working leader, providing administrative and technical guidance to one or more clerks assigned to retail and post office operations.

This position is for use in Customer Service facilities with retail operation windows.

1.   Performs any variety of sales and customer services at a retail window such as maintaining sufficient inventory of and selling stamps, stamped paper, other retail products and services and may use a computerized system, accepting and delivering packages and accountable mail; issuing and cashing foreign and domestic postal money orders; accepting and responding to customer claims and inquiries, and providing information to the public regarding postal regulations. Rents post office boxes, receives rental payments, conducts reference checks, and completes related forms.
2.   Communicates and provides administrative and technical guidance to retail and post office operations employees assigned to the unit, informing them of changes or clarifications in policies, procedures, operations, schedules, and regulations. Ensures that work is performed efficiently.
3.   Forecasts and maintains a separate stamped inventory to fill requisitions submitted by other retail clerks assigned to the offices.
4.   Prepares a local bank deposit and/or a consolidated funds bank deposit. Prepares and maintains unit accounting records of retail activities.
5.   Conducts or witnesses transfers of fixed credits between employees as required, assisting in the physical count of stock. Reviews fixed credits periodically and recommends adjustments if necessary. Examines and ensures the integrity of security containers assigned to employees for the storing of their fixed credit and reports lack of conformity with security regulations.
6.   Conducts product inventories by counting items on hand; accounts for items on display; and verifies and records sales floor inventory and shrinkage. Brings inventory discrepancies and shrinkage reports to the attention of the appropriate supervisory presence. Maintains an adequate supply of materials required for the operation of a retail office.
7.   Processes and/or accepts and verifies applications for redeemed stamps and stamped paper. Prepares and submits necessary stock for destruction.
8.   Instructs and advises individual employees in correct financial and retail sales procedures.
9.   In accordance with the directives of the supervisory presence, plans, directs, organizes and monitors retail related programs/ projects and the work of people to meet unit goals, including coordinating and scheduling work hours. Supplies leadership necessary to secure a customer friendly environment, encourages professional appearance and work habits to accomplish effective and pleasant customer relationships. Makes Supervisor approved entries to correct time and attendance records and retains required supporting documents.
10.   Provides product and service information to customers, including informing customers regarding special offers and the layout of the store; refers customers to sales and promotional programs by promoting products based on customer needs. Answers customer inquiries.
11.   Maintains appearance of store by setting, arranging, and replenishing displays and merchandise racks; ensures display and selling areas, work stations, and storage areas are presentable to customers. Checks and maintains post office self service kiosk.
12.   Trains new employees to ensure quality service.
13.   Maintains records, files and submits reports, as assigned.
14.   May verify presort and bulk mailings of all classifications; computing and maintaining on a current basis mailers' credit balances.
15.   In addition, may assign and clear accountable items and distribute mail as required.
16.   Performs other duties as assigned.

Supervisor, Customer Services or other designated supervisor

Senior Qualified


Doc Date: 05/18/2013 Occ Code: 2320-0009