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Arranges for the proper transfer for mail which may require the knowledge of incoming and/or outgoing schemes, transportation schedules, and receipt and dispatch information in performing mail distribution between highway contract routes, mail messengers and truck routes, and other mail units; and the separating, loading, and unloading of railway storage cars, flexi-vans and piggy-back trailers, by contractors and postal employees to ensure proper and expeditious handling.

1.   Expedites the distribution and dispatch of all mails processed in the assigned work areas.
2.   Coordinates the dispatch of mail from cases, registry section, and/or other areas by giving timely notice of regular and emergency dispatches to ensure expeditious handling of mail. Coordinates the movement of mails from the platform (or related receipt point) to processing areas or from cases to pouches, and pouches to dispatch points or platform.
3.   Recommends changes in pouch and sack racks, pouch authorization, and work assignments as changes in distribution and dispatch schedules dictate.
4.   Assists supervisor in carrying out special assignments, such as, mail volume counts, information for surveys, observing handling of selected mail matter, and other similar duties. May maintain records of mail volumes, work hours, and other record keeping; assists with on-the-job training.
5.   Ensures proper labeling, timely closing, routing and dispatch of all pouches and sacks within the assigned work area; arranges for equipment.
6.   Keeps informed on contract provisions for routes serving the facility such as, loading agreements, correct sized vehicles, proper protection of the mail and other special conditions. Periodically inspects contract vehicles and reports deficiencies or irregularities to supervisor.
7.   Keeps informed of all scheduled arrivals and departures at the duty station, and has knowledge of the most expeditious dispatches to ensure an alternative rerouting of preferential mails due to unusual circumstances; determines whether mail should be held for alternate connections.
8.   Examines outgoing and incoming vehicles to determine degree of utilization and adherence to highway safety regulations and reports irregularities to supervisor.
9.   Recommends arrangements for extra trips of service when necessitated by volume or unusual circumstances.
10.   Oversees the loading and unloading of storage cars, flexi- vans, piggy-back trailers, or other mail containers intended for transportation by rail when such activities are performed at the facility.
11.   Maintains close contact with supervisor in the distribution and vehicle service units to assure close coordination of all mail handling operations.
12.   Performs manual distribution of all classes of mail.
13.   Performs other job related tasks in support of primary duties.

Manager, Airport Mail Center/Facility or other designated supervisor.

Senior Qualified



Doc Date: 11/02/1994 Occ Code: 2315-11XX