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Administers the procurement, personal property management and supply programs for expendable supplies, capital and noncapital equipment required in the operation of major facility, except those used in the maintenance of the physical plant and vehicles.

1.   Receives, reviews, maintains and complies with procedures, instructions and regulations governing procurement, GSA catalogs, schedules and related pamphlets, and specific procurement and contracting authorities and procedures.
2.   Prepares requests for proposals, including special provisions required; determines source of supply; receives and maintains custody of offers; as directed, serves as presiding officer at bid openings.
3.   Reviews offers and prepares abstracts; makes recommendation of award; notifies successful bidder; and in the case of sales, collects and deposits funds in proper account.
4.   Maintains close working relationship with appropriate officials in obtaining required approvals and determining availability of funds for local procurement.
5.   Prepares and processes purchase orders and correspondence covering all phases of procurement, including alleged mistakes, terminating contracts, etc.
6.   Coordinates requests for services to office machines; contacts local manufacturers' representatives or repair shops; arranges for necessary work and maintains records on equipment to meet criteria for replacement standards.
7.   Procures locally, or from GSA stores and/or schedule contractors those items and services authorized for the facility.
8.   Participates with higher level supervisors in the application of the personal property management procedures for control over the receipt, custody, use, and disposal of all personal property.
9.   Receives and inspects acquired property; signs receiving documents and forwards to accounting office. Affixes property identification, assigns to area of need, and arranges for physical transportation thereto.
10.   Supervises the maintenance of capital property records; determines and reports excess; and prepares forms required to declare, report, or dispose of excess property.
11.   Reviews and certifies transaction listings of property acquisitions, transfers and disposals.
12.   Arranges for shipment of excess as instructed and/or directs the preparation of Government bills of lading.
13.   Makes periodic surveys to assure the proper and effective use of property; exercises control over its movement and arranges for changes in location.
14.   Inspects unserviceable or obsolete personal property, recommends appropriate action and, when approved, disposes of property in accordance with authorities and procedures.
15.   Reports obsolete and unserviceable property, and assists in the sale, transfer or disposal in accordance with the Materiel Management Handbook.
16.   Receives, reviews and controls requests for supplies, materials and/or equipment; exercises judgement and discretion in ascertaining whether requests will be filled from stock on hand, substitution of similar item, transfer of available excess, requisitioning, or by procurement.
17.   Recommends approval of requisitions for supplies, and for additional or replacement equipment items. Assures accuracy and completion of justifications given and forms used.
18.   Assures maintenance of proper stock levels and records of supplies and materials, based on local operating requirements and guidelines furnished by the Department; consolidates and processes requisitions in accordance with established procedures and instructions.
19.   As directed, supervises the taking of periodic supply inventories and prepares related supply activity reports.
20.   May perform the following duties, as required: work closely with officials in establishing stations in new leased quarters; receive and store new equipment; arrange for transportation to building site and ensure delivery of all items ordered and shipped; perform inspections of postal supplies and equipment as authorized or required; provide for continuous on the job training for all employees assigned to purchasing, personal property management, and materiel management activities; may supervise employees necessary to carry out the functions of the unit; participates in the taking of physical inventories of capital equipment, prepares necessary reports and reconciles differences. 21. Performs inspections of postal supplies and equipment as authorized or required. 22. Provides for continuous on-the-job training for all employees assigned to procurement, personal property management, and supply activities. 23. May supervise employees necessary to carry out the functions of the unit.

Postmaster, or other designated supervisor.

Senior Qualified



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